Photo Diary: Crowned

Sep 28, 2016

A sucker for anything touted as "crafty" I lept at the opportunity to attend a flower crown workshop a few weeks ago with my pal Amie replete with champagne. Lots and lots of champagne. Held at the new coworking space, Roar, Laura put on a fantastic fete filled with droll worthy confections by Amanda (I've been swooning over her instagram for months after her latest piece in Feast Magazine), styling tips by Elizabeth and gorgeous photos by Abby, who totally indulged us and our new friends/tablemates Kate and Janelle in a giggle worthy impromptu photo session.

I won't lie, it is still difficult to leave my sweet baby, but I'm so grateful I carved out some time for myself and had a wonderful evening in the process. It really is the little things sometimes.

The Art of Gesticulating Wildly (and Self-Care)

Sep 27, 2016

Once I got pregnant I felt a primal need to protect our baby and began taking a hard look at my eating habits, fitness routine and the like to do everything in my power for our baby to thrive. Naturally, postpartum it became evident I needed to apply this standard of care to myself as well. Enter Cora (gracious post sponsor!) 100% percent premium organic tampons standing proud behind their mission for a "fearless period" {read the story behind their phenomenal cause here}.  The more I read and educated myself it became clear: the less toxic chemicals in my body, the better wife/mother/friend/sister/daughter I can be.

As someone who is notorious for shoving a tampon into my bra/pocket/boot/sleeve, it was a relief not to worry about dropping said feminine product mid walk to the restroom, because how embarrassing is it to fling your tampon from your sleeve mid gesture?! I'm asking a for a friend... The little black clutch (hold two tampons and two light day pads or four tampons), and stowaways (that resemble a tube of lipstick, genius!) are not only chic, but discreet as well so there' no need to play "hide the feminine product".  To take it one step further, Cora has a seriously posh little black box (which stash a month's supply) for home use as well, eliminating the need to hide the tampon box behind the sink/toilet.

Adding amazing to awesome, you can subscribe to Cora (shipped every three months) and have it delivered to your door step based on your needs, without the hassle of a mad dash to the store. But should you be at say, Target, you could grab them there without skipping a beat.

Cora is offering Y29 readers $5 off your first order with code: CORA5MARCIA

What are some ways YOU practice self care? I make an effort to take time to curl my hair and dress with thought most days, though other areas (fitness, and choosing more earth friendly products) are very much a work in progress.

Owen: month five

Sep 26, 2016

Biggest Milestone: rolling over!

Hardest Challenge: sleep regression + cold = whoa

Most Memorable Moment: giving you a watermelon slice and watching you

Sleep: mostly unchanged, save for the cold + sleep regression week o' fun

Favorite photo:


Bedtime is a smidge earlier (8 instead of 9). Baby needs his beauty rest

Bought a bumbo seat and you were like, "freedom!"

Sleep regression is, so real and, so awful. Are those night terrors? Heaven help me

Mama gifted you and daddy with her cold. No need to thank me...

Hold me as I sleep? Ok.

Swapped your (stroller) bassinet for the chair and you loooove it. If anyone needs mama, she'll be in the corner, weeping.

You hair is really starting to fill in and grow. So many changes, wee one.

When you lean all the way back (while sitting in my lap) to look someone in the eyes. Dead.

Toes, meet mouth

Grab faced slobbery kisses? Yes, please!

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