Photo Diary: Caffeine Crawl

May 22, 2015

Dreary weather be damned, its coffee time.

From steaming cups of their Costa Rican blend, to-order lattes, to the doughnuts, our crawl was off to a jolt. Literally.

We chose the driving route. 

Impeccably timed and fantastic variety.

We'd been for brunch before (delicious, a must) and didn't have any guesses as to this experience. We should have. They crafted caramel to compliment their cold brew (divine!) and took care to bake the fluffiest of cinnamon rolls and a scone so superb with the perfect note of peach topping, sending me into a tailspin. 

It goes without saying I ate both. And have nary a regret.

This place was so special, we went for brunch the week after the crawl and -- whoa. YES.

Where Kyoto and Tonic, totally make out. That sliver of orange to round out all the flavors -- magic.

Sensory overload, lets start there, shall we? I hadn't been across the threshold thirty seconds and I'd already made a purchase. 

Full disclosure, I don't remember the coffee. But the chocolate samples studded with coffee? I made myself a meal. 

The art of roasting, from start to finish truly is incredible. Varying stages of roast bombard your senses evoking so many luxurious smells.

Did you know (raw) coffee beans are green? Me either.

It is through roasting that they plump up to double their size, and turn a deep brown.

Where the science behind coffee is at the forefront, and the niche they've created around it truly elevates the coffee experience.

The varying flavor profiles of coffee (bitter, sweet, earthy) were explained, along with complementing samples to bring out flavors and really make your tastes buds dance. 

I now comprehend what the coffee label descriptions mean.  Pats self on back.

Gogi Bowl at Seoul Taco (gah, its ridiculous, so much good) to cap off an education-meets-fun foray into the coffee world. 

Gosh I love coffee.

First coffee crawl, HERE.

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A Few Of My Favorites (March) Edition

May 20, 2015

food + drink

Brunch at Rooster, Muffuletta madness at Blues City Deli, Oyster + Stout Festival, All-you-can-eat Crab for a friends farewell party, GNO at Gingers, replete with whole roasted chicken and creme brulee, Dinner at Pastaria (the ramen is EVERYTHING)

From My Kitchen: Nailing my second attempt at Hummingbird Cake for my uncles birthday, brunch nachosSt. Patrick's Day cookies. 


Oye 2014 -- Santana + Pitbull


Secrets and Lies 


Read my thoughts, HERE.


Finding a rug for our master bedroom (renovations are slowly coming together), a Mexican themed farewell party (tequila + pinatas spell PARTY), Mark taking the hounds to the vet solo, and returning with $200 of preventives we don't use, Jaleesa making deans list(!), late, boozy lunch with coworkers for March Madness (its a tradition and I'm not even a basketball fan), glimpses of Spring outdoors at my favorite place in STL running with a friend and walking with Mark and the hounds, seeing a good friend over Happy Hour, thoroughly loving Buti Yoga, getting oodles of great cookbooks from the library, quality hound time when Mark was away on business for a week, watching Honey I Shrunk the kids (childhood favorite) on my long run one Saturday, realizing I love hot yoga, not warm yoga (there is a difference), and, my first Diptyque experience (it was superb -- the facial rose water and perfume samples are incredible).

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Monday Musings

May 18, 2015

Grab button for mm

  1. How every conference call I attend goes. Hilarious, and true.
  2. Lusting over these pretzel bagels. Curious about this greek yogurt. Happy to re-find out Trader Joes has a e-newsletter, so now I can take my obsession up a notch. If thats possible.
  3. Have to craft these scrambled eggs, now.
  4. On prioritizing workouts.
  5. It comes out this weekend, and I cannot wait -- Pitch Perfect 2. Now I need both soundtracks. and to rewatch the first movie. 
  6. My life. I make no apologies, I REALLY love food. 
  7. Thought provoking piece on, "The Tramp Stamp".
  8. Pet photography tips. Now I must take updated photos of the hounds.
  9. Must restart my DIY mani game. Summer is upon us.
  10. On what we tell ourselves to be true.

DWTS, Week Nine: Riker. Judges choice: Riker, Noah, Nastia.

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Everyday, Ordinaire

May 15, 2015

May is not only shaping up to be EPIC, but insanely busy.  

Holy smokes.

Reading on the patio. That lasted about 20 minutes. Darn bees, they ruin everything.

Breakfast with my guy upon my return from Denver. Sopapillas, mandatory.

Was there honey drizzling down my wrists? Obviously.

He ordered the entire menu, covered in gravy. 


The extremely stressful life of a dog, as told by Rubin.

Teeny park, nestled in the city.  Hounds were unimpressed, but I dug it.

Baking up something delicious. Recipe soon.

Trying out a new neighborhood restaurant.


Working on recapping my last race (and PR!).  

Spoiler alert, it ends in injury. Again. 

Gluten Free bread. Arugula. Avocado.  Grilled cheese, done right.

Melty goodness.

Untaken vitamins, with a side of free socks.

My first 5k of the year is this Saturday. The plan is to run/walk. Gah, injuries are humbling. And maddening.

It also explains the excessive amounts of food/recipe/cookbook chatter. I can't sit still.

Mother's Day baking in the works.

Doing a thirty day kettle bell challenge,  and testing out one of the recipes. Not bad, next time I"ll sauté it longer then decide if its a keeper.

Dinner is served.

Because every two year old needs a Chanel. Cookie.

My efforts to spoil my new niece rotten, is working.

Sweet Potato Black Bean Burger on a pretzel bun. Amen.

Cora and Miles.

They do so well together -- he didn't eat nary a barbie, even when she dangled it in front of his face and placed him in hourly hug/choke holds while exclaiming, "I love him!".

Didn't live up to the hype.

Interpol concert. Where I stayed up far past my bedtime, on a "school night" (does anyone else still use this phrase despite being out of school?), then repeated the shenanigans and went to see TV on the Radio last night. 

It goes without saying that as I type I've been in bed for two hours with zero plans to get up. Ever.


Worlds largest blueberry muffin after getting my ass handed to me in PT. I earned every bite, and it was delicious. Whole Foods baked goods has my whole heart.

Lunch was redemption in the form of the entire salad bar from Whole Foods. I may have dumped bacon bits all over it. May have.

Patio cocktails.

Operation Lifesaver for my moms class. Loved the warm welcome, and being called "the train lady". Two year olds are hysterical. 

The much anticipated soft opening of Clementines. Yours truly consumed so many samples I had no room for dinner. No regrets.

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