Monday Musings

Feb 8, 2016

Grab button for mm

  1. Carpool Karaoke -- if only I knew the words to songs...
  2. Birds eye view
  3. If only I had patience/time in the morning to make toast
  4. Sage postpartum advice
  5. Drooling over Whitney Port's wedding day look
  6. I'm not ready to part with my papermethod just yet, but this meal planning idea is definitely intriguing.
  7. She's back(!) and I spent the hours of 2a-5a reading her birth stories and hospital bag posts.
  8. Now banana pudding consumes my thoughts. Because, homemade vanilla bean wafers?! Dead.
  9. Grease lightning!
  10. Photographer celebrates what birth really looks like

Working On My Fitness: January

Feb 5, 2016

Struggle bus. 

Finding the harmony between being productive to prepare the nursery/work while on maternity leave/house has been harder than anticipated leaving me feeling less than stellar even though looking back and considering I'm toting around a watermelon, the month was far from a bust. I'm certain its part me trying to do too much and my body telling me to slow down, but alas -- hard lesson to learn.

1 Rest Day -- Work on nursery
2 Walk with family (2hr) + 100 Kettlebell Swings
3 Rest Day -- 1st Bradley Method Class
4 Fartleks (17:57) 1 mi.
5 Rest Day -- 28 Week Ultrasound
6 Prenatal Vinyasa + Walk 20 min.
7 Rest Day
8 Rest Day
9 Rest Day -- Hospital Tour
10 Rest Day
11 HIIT 30/10/8: Kettlebell Swings, Bosu Squats, Bosu Planks, Bosu Mountain Climbers
12 Intervals x 6 (walk run 2:1) 2.0 incline (20:00) 1.22mi.
13 Prenatal Vinyasa
14 Rest Day
15 Rest Day -- 3 Hour Glucose Test (I passed!) + Dinner Party 
16 Rest Day -- Travel: Springfield + Princeton
17 Rest Day -- Travel: return trip
18 Prenatal Yoga
19 Rest Day -- Restaurant Week (Ruth Chris), in a snowstorm
20 Prenatal Vinyasa (sick day)
21 Rest Day
22 Rest Day
23 Rest Day -- Restaurant Week (Cardwells) with friends + Infant CPR
24 Rest Day -- Stencil nursery
25 Rest Day -- Burns Night
26 2 rounds of Carrots and Cake Medicine Ball Workout 400m run = (3:43)(3:30)
27 Prenatal Vinyasa 
28 50 Kettlebell Swings
29 Rest Day
30 Rest Day -- Diaper Party!
31 Rest Day

Photo Diary: Diaper Dudes

Feb 4, 2016

A mutual friend of Marks and the other couple due at darn near the same time husband (Hey Anthony + Christine!) threw a Diaper Party in their honor over the weekend -- it was so much fun, and both dads-to-be had a great time.

The party was broken into two parts: food/drinks at the host's home then onto a bar for some patio sitting/day drinking which as luck would have it, St. Louis was 60+ degrees that day!

The gift tag read: "bottoms up!"

While they continued to celebrate, I snuck off to dinner with a friend. 

Steak and garlic fries, forever.

Thanks again Meredith!
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