Shake Shack

It started out seemingly innocent. 

Read an article on Epicurious, about the "secrets to making a shake shack burger" and could barely keep myself from salivating on my keyboard. Side note, I want a butter wheel for Christmas. I'd never had Shake Shack (hint: they are dominating the burger revolution of late), but after reading that article, I was bound and determined to, immediately. 

Thankfully, I stumbled across a recipe for fake shack burgers and fries. My mission was clear. And, as fate would have it, Mark's parents were coming for a visit, so we invited a few friends/family over for -- you guessed it, burgers and fries.

Of note: a business trip took me to Chicago a few weeks after we made them at home, where there is Shake Shack. I spent far too much money to park my rental and got stuck in horrific traffic, but, it was worth it . So worth it. Those cheese fries...

I digress.

Giddy for the opportunity to test out a new recipe I danced through the grocery aisles grabbing all the essentials.

Once home the real work began. Potatoes were scrubbed, cut, seasoned and placed in the oven.

Meanwhile burger accoutrements were prepared, whipping up a batch of Shake Shack's secret sauce, mandatory.

I am vehemently anti-mayonnaise, but this sauce, was -- incredible. Just a smear, nothing over the top, made all the difference. Trust.

Fresh french fries. There is no better smell.

Potato Buns, butter grilled to (semi burnt) perfection...

Now, we feast. Burgers, fries salad. You know, to make it healthy like.

Open, WIDE.

The burgers as a whole were a total win, great fresh flavors, crunchy pickles, cool sauce, and those potato buns? Have mercy. Next time I'll season my meat prior to cooking, surely my cast iron skillet doesn't hold all the yummy bits of grease soaked seasonings embedded in it like at Shake Shack. As for the fries, everyone loved them, I was lukewarm. Perhaps next time I'll tempt their cheese sauce, because cheese makes everything awesome.

Overall, a successful casual dinner I'd highly recommend.

Now I want Shake Shack...

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Monday Musings

Grab button for mm

  1. This mixtape. Yes.
  2. Genius way to freeze bacon
  3. The worst things about online dating. So many laughs out loud.
  4. Fresh in Fifteen. Love this idea.
  5. Running to see this. The book was incredible.
  6. Binge TV calculator. It's almost appalling how much I love a good binge sesh in front of the tv, because lets face it, watching tv real time is my unicorn.
  7. How to take better b+w photos. Perfection.
  8. You know your dating/married to a runner when... Spot on observations. 
  9. Seeing little kids dance is just the best.
  10. Too cute not to share.

If any of the links don't work, let me know and I'll update. I've noticed a few link through glitches as of late.

Working On My Fitness: May

While my attempt at a 30 day kettlebell challenge fizzled (due to PT visits), May was a solid month of revisiting old favorites, running a 5k and trying a few new-to-me classes.

1 Rest
2 75 Kettlebell Swings (KB Challenge)
3 Walk Hounds + PT exercises + 175 Kettlebell Swings
4 Hot Yoga + Physical Therapy
5 TRX Core + 50 KB swings
6 Dailey Method + PT/Astym + 125 KB swings
7 Rest
9 Rest
10 Rest
11 Dailey Method + PT/Astym
12 Hot Yoga
13 Yoga + PT/Astym
14 50 KB swings
16 Ferguson 5k
17 Rest
18 PT/Astym
19 Dailey Method
20 Rest
21 Shred + PT/Astym
22 Buti Yoga
23 Rest
24 Rest
25 Barre Method (similar to Dailey Method)
26 PT/Astym
27 Hot Yoga
28 PT/Astym
29 Rest
30 Shred: did you know when new instructors come on they offer FREE classes? Its the best.
31 Hot Yoga

Month: One, Two + Three

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Photo Diary: Nashville

A group of friends decided what better way to kick off summer and give a proper farewell to a long (and cold!) winter than to road trip. 

Destination, Nashville. 

We found a killer Airbnb to accommodate us all within a few minutes Uber to the nightlife, packed up, and headed out onto the open road, eager for an adventure.

Zero of us knew how to play the guitar (at the airbnb), but we each took turns serenading one another and posing for pictures, which is basically the same thing.

Also, I must note -- the airbnb was fantastic for a group -- keyless entry and plenty of common space to hang out. Have I mentioned (ad nauseum) how much I love Airbnb?

First order of business, drinks and snacks al fresco.

The restaurant shared a parking lot with a liquor store, so we had to stop in for a few necessities -- champagne.

Dinner at City House.  

I have no recollection of what I ordered, but I remember, vividly loving every last bite.

The whole motley crew.

Bar hopping on Broadway...

I snapped a photo (and video!) of these dancing twins and they gave me their business card :)

After a slooooow start (hello collective hangovers) the next morning, we went to brunch at Southern

Replete with a live band (they were incredible).

Shrimp and Grits. 

I could go back and eat every meal at Southern. Its fantastic.

Third Man Records -- an eclectic music store, I think. I was too busy snapping photos to focus.

This is my "hungover in the heat face". No idea why I thought it needed to be documented.  Other than to frighten people. Haha.

Hatch Show Print -- an epic letterpress and gallery. I'm kicking myself for not taking the tour.

There is something about apothecary cabinets that make my heart skip a beat.

Nashville killed Meredith...

Our group divided a bit -- some to nap, others to day drink, I -- got a mani-pedi

For our final dinner, we headed to The Farmhouse -- farm to table cuisine, artfully crafted. 

This, was a fun meal.


Pimento Cheese Beignets (epic), Pork Belly Poptart (mouth party, is that even a thing?), Poutine.

Have, MERCY.

After starters we each ordered a different entree and shared those as well, maximum tasting opportunities had here. 


Strawberry Pie (yes!), Baked Alaska, Shortbread (yum!), Coconut Cake.

Post dinner we headed to the 5 Points area to hang out -- our waiter at Farmhouse recommended it highly, touting "all the locals go there". It was about a 15 minute drive, but worth it. Kitschy and full of personality we set up at a bar, revelled in the fact there was no country music (my ears). 

A guy near us was drinking what looked to be a smoothie, so we "had what he was having". Turns out it was a Bushwacker. booze meets milkshake. So yummy. 

Before headed home we had to had a proper breakfast -- enter Monells. where southern family style takes new meaning. Caution, the wait was lengthy, but worth it.

You are seated a massive dining tables that held twelve or so people. 

Coffee, (sweet) tea, and water make their rounds -- then the madness begins. Enormous platters of pancakes, eggs, grits, biscuits, bacon, sausage, apples, fried chicken.... I literally cannot remember it all. The amount of food was comical. And so comforting after a long weekend of bar hopping.

I snapped a few photos -- shh, don't tell :)

Homeward bound!

But first, a stop to see Superman, and get ice cream.

Till next time Nashville!

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