Bookshelf as of Late: New Parent Guide

Aug 24, 2016

We had precisely one trick up our new parent sleeves combined (wait for it... rocking) it has been nice to hit up the library/friends/family because -- when a newborn screams you'll stand on your head whistling dixie to make it stop.

Also, while we've read some, we thumb through most. Rest assured we aren't cozied up next to our imaginary fireplace sipping a glass of pinot noir reading at leisure with an infant, two dogs and a house that despite our best efforts, won't clean itself.

happiest baby on the block: a high school friend mentioned this book, specifically the 5 S's and while I only recall one, Mark uses them on the regular.

making more milk: reference for breastfeeding by the La Leche League (they are a wonderful resource, their facebook page is super helpful). Made a batch of the tea, which was really yummy! {breastfeeding}

wonder weeks (app): a easy peasy guide that sends you alerts each time your baby reaches a new developmental stage in summary format -- ain't nobody got time for a novel.

baby connect (app): where we log feedings, baths, diaper changes, milestones and the like. We each have it on our phone which is super helpful having one central log for Owen. My sister our nanny uses it too. Super handy resource for pediatrician visits -- there's a print option as well to take it one step further into OCD heaven.

baby led weaning: introducing food to Owen is upon us whether I'm ready or not, fairly concise guide for all things baby led weaning. Fret not, I'll tell you all about it once that time comes. Your welcome :)

here's the plan: definitive guide to navigating your career, pumping at work, maternity leave and pretty much everything related to being a working mother (and how to approach advancement, which I loved). Worth the read. 

Bout That Newborn LIfe

Aug 19, 2016

Alternate working title: I barely have time to go to the restroom and I'm supposed to workout? 


While a portion of this time was spent so called easing myself back into my once active lifestyle, one thing is for certain, I'm making the time. Regardless of what my little inner voice says otherwise. Sometimes she can be a real pain :)

Here's to getting outside, enjoying my family and the workout freedom before half marathon training begins in August. 


1 Family walk to Park Avenue Coffee (20 min)
2 Rest
3 Rest
4 Rest; Six week postpartum check up. All cleared to workout again!!
5 Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy {photo}
6 Family walk (1hr 15 min)
7 Rest
8 Mother's Day! (50 min) Family walk in the park
9 Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy
10 Walk 2.3 miles
11 Rest
12 Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy
13 Walk to Food Truck Friday
14 Family walk (babywearing) in the park (1hr)
15 2/3's of Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy + cleaning out our basement
16 Rest
17 Rest
18 Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy (sans cool down)
19 Rest
20 Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy (warm up only: motherhood beckoned) 
21 Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy + 2 hr family walk 
22 Family walk 2.53 miles
23 Rest
24 Planks 30s x 4 + 1.53 miles on the treadmill 
25 Rest
26 2.13 mile family walk 
27 Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy 
28 Rest; Parent's 1st Night Out sans Owen. Thanks again Jennifer!
29 Rest
30 1 hr walk + 25 kettlebell swings + 3 x 10 kettlebell curtseys + 2 x 10 kettlebell single arm raise
31 Rest


1 Rest; 1st back to work :( + Whittaker Music Festival 
2 Rest
3 Rest
4 Rest
5 Kettlebell: bent row/deadlift/squat 30/10/6 + Fartleks 10min + Planks (elbow, sides) 30/10/6
6 Rest
7 Curtsey lunges (with Owen as weight) 10 x 2 + Squats 10 x 2 (with KB, Owen) + KB swings 25
8 Rest; Whittaker Music Festival
9 Rest
10 Rest
11 Speed Play 
12 Rest; ouch. So much OUCH
13 Rest
14 Rest
15 Rest
16 Rest
17 Rest; Princeton for Father's Day weekend
18 Rest 
19 Rest
20 Single arm KB swings 3 x 10 + Carrots and Cake workout x 3
21 Rest
22 Squats (using Owen as weight) 50 + Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy 2 arms
23 Rest
24 Planks 2 x 20s (elbow, sides, tik-tok)
25 Speedplay with Christine!
26 Rest
27 Rest
28 Rest
29 Rest
30 Rest


1 Rest
2 Walk 1.5 hr
3 Rest
4 Happy Independence Day! Fiesta at our house + 50 KB swings
5 Rest; Cardinals Game
6 Rest
7 20 KB swings + 10 Goblet squats + 5 single arm press for 10 min
8 Tracy Anderson Post Pregnancy 2 
9 Family walk 2 hrs
10 Rest
11 Trial at work -- all week 
12 Rest
13 Rest
14 Rest
15 Rest
16 Yoga + Shopping event with Christine -- yay for prizes!
17 Rest: Fugitive Beach with friends
18 Rest
19 Rest 
20 Rest
21 Planks (all sides) 2 x 30s + Ladder Run (3.0 - 6.0 - 3.0) + 20 KB swings/15 goblet squats/15 deadlifts/20 high pulls x 4 {photo}
22 Rest: Glass Animals concert
23 100 triceps w/ 3lb weight + 25 push ups + 25 curtsey lunges w/ med ball + 100 med ball oblique twists
24 Rest
25 Run 1 mi.
26 Rest
27 Rest
28 Rest
29 Rest
30 Rest; breakfast + park with new friends
31 Rest; saw movie Bad Moms with a friend. Popcorn. Large soda. Reclining chairs. Heaven, is that you?!

Where Gestation Meets OCD

Aug 17, 2016

Call it nesting. Call it  OCD. Whatever my affliction was, it ran deep (see also: our wedding week) and Mark gave me major side eye because apparently re-landscaping the front yard was "too much". 


I broke everything in to gestational weeks (lumped into weeks of four) with a list for home (on the fridge) and one for work (displayed on my desk) for the end of my second trimester thru postpartum and let me tell you, it was a life saver. Those first weeks with a newborn is a haze (gross understatement).

My mom and sister came over to help us clean for the baby shower and we whittled this list down relatively easily. Thanks guys!

Lists make me happy. Obviously. Do you make lists? Use a day planner? What kind? 

(week 36 until delivery)

  • baby book {similar} -- letter to baby, family info
  • TDAP shot (Mark, grandparents, nanny)
  • replace back stair tread -- super slippery when wet (tumbled down them at five weeks)
  • basement -- started; finished about two months ago
  • pantry -- a reminder I should do so more often because, expired food 
  • scrub microwave + stove #greasymess
  • scrub fridge + freezer -- did not make any freezer meals like I wanted but we had a pretty good stash of easy food to prepare, so it was fine.
  • hamper -- finally finished!
  • shampoo couch + stairs
  • thank you cards (baby shower)
  • nursery - nursing station
  • car seats installed -- we went to a local FREE seat install event. Super informative
  • baby laundry
  • hospital bag
  • make padsicles -- made, and never used. The hospital ones were EVERYTHING. And I forgot I made them...
  • birth preferences + hospital folder
  • call list
  • wrap hospital gifts

(postpartum to return to work)

  • activate maternity leave benefits -- tip: fill out as much as you can prior to delivery
  • nanny/child care start dates -- my baby sister is nannying for us in the summer (HALLELUJAH!), then he'll go to daycare
  • cloth wipes + wipe warmer
  • diaper bag -- Nordstrom Rack find; $25!
  • setup breast pump
  • newborn photo session
  • update life/medical benefits
  • will/guardianship
  • announcements
  • blessing -- he was blessed at his circumcision* (a lovely prayer in hebrew and english), then again by Mark's family priest
  • download wonder weeks app -- simple and concise with monthly reminders. One less book to reference :)
  • request white house birth greeting
  • get birth certificate copies

* Rabbi Mike came to our childbirth class to educate us on circumscion and we liked his warm nature instantly. When he mentioned a) he performed circumscions (you don't have to have them done by the hospital and it is covered under insurance) b) he did so on those not of the Jewish faith, we jumped at the opportunity. Owen was circumsized on the eight day (he was out of town, otherwise he would've come to the hospital) with both Mark and myself present. It was quick, he barely cried and I'm grateful to have been present.
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