DIY: Preserve + Protect

Mar 27, 2015

My attention span for craft-like things is seemingly non existent, which is probably why it took me two months to even tempt the feat of  preserving our wedding flowers. 

Flowers and greenery hung to out dry -- my closet never smelled so wonderful.

With a Shadow Box (Hobby Lobby) and glue gun I wrapped the backing in the lace from my bouquet then glued on the flowers individually using a tutorial from Pinterest.

It turned out far better than I imagined and love having small touches around our home to remind us of that day.

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Hounds, As of Late

Mar 25, 2015

Miles and Rubin elicit both joy and sheer frustration yet continue to melt my heart into a thousand pieces on the daily.

Love is a crazy thing.

They celebrated their second birthday the same day Mark and I exchanged vows (coincidence). 

Ever the party gal, I made sure to celebrate properly. 

So we had ourselves a party within a party. We do it big round these parts.

Peanut Butter Cake with sprinkles. They could barely contain their excitement, thus the blurry photo. It was adorable.

After wedding cake and champagne, Mark laid out a "picnic" (butcher paper and rocks to hold it in place) while we all sang "Happy Birthday". 

In hindsight, giving two dogs cake while in your wedding dress wasn't a brilliant idea, but(!) they listen (to me) well and all crises were averted.

Happy Birthday, indeed.

At this point they've reached full size, tipping the scales at 41 (Rubin) and 50ish (Miles) pounds. 

 They continue to dislike baby gates of any kind...

Miles views any waking moment as the ideal time to be one inch from my person at all times. He also loves to dominate all attention, all the time, from whomever graces our threshold, and is perpetually starving. Skills: shaking your hand. 

Rubin always aims to please and is so high on life she makes herself dizzy with glee.  Over everything.  She is the best snuggler and listener. Latest skill: Begging for food from a distance. 

At some point I need to bust out the "good camera" and snap updated photos... #fail

Despite Miles stomach infection late last year, both have been in good health, loves anyone in the kitchen and have great temperament around children. 

Truth be told when Cora was here for the wedding (then up north for Christmas) she wore them out. Anyone want to volunteer their children to come over for playdates? I'll supply snacks and wine.

After a million near misses with sharp objects, tripping over them (they lay at my feet when I stand still), open oven doors and the like I've finally set boundaries.  See the threshold from tile to wood? They are not allowed to cross it if I'm in the kitchen.

Mark remains the fun (i.e. sans ANY rules) guy, so with him they raise seven shades of hell and wake him daily when the sun rises. I don't subscribe to that foolishness.

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Monday Musings

Mar 23, 2015

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  2. Bippity, boppity, booyah. Princess Rap Battle.
  3. Airbnb just got their best advertisement ever.
  4. You Are Never Too Old...
  5. One gals take on living la vida social media.
  6. Browned Butter = LOVE.
  7. Food reviews. I want to be his friend, anyone who loves food that much (as do I) is golden in my books. And now I'm obsessed with his YouTube channel.
  8. DWTS: Michael! + Nastia! + Rumer!
  9. Sexism, as told by an eight year old.  She told them...
  10. A brave journey to end bullying. Her TED Talk was compelling and gah, she's amazing.

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What are YOU musing about this Monday?

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Photo Diary: Undulate

Mar 20, 2015

Reeling from my imaginary new found career as a professional belly dancer, my mom and I attended St. Luke's Day of Dance. Our third(?) year and it remains the same -- a morning surrounded by great people where health and fitness are the focus.

Jazzercise was my favorite this year and I can't wait to try a Buti Yoga class.

Sustenance before we dance. The Ritz always has a yummy spread. 

This doctor did the YMCA on stage and my mom sought him out for a photo op. 

Meek, that one.

Despite the crummy winter weather, there was a great turnout with plenty of room to bust a move without stepping on one another.

Mother-Daughter bonding AND exercise? 

Well that's my idea of heaven.

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Everyday, Ordinaire

Mar 18, 2015

So much food. So little time.  

I feel like that is my life's work now. Food. Perhaps Mark will acquire and extra full time career so I can quit mine and play in the kitchen all day.  

Yeah, it'll be a hard sell. 

Here's what went down in February.

Yes, 90% of my photos are of food.  It's a gift.

Hummingbird Cake for grandmas birthday brunch.  

Massive cake. Huge. It should be considered a meal in all fifty states.

To counteract the sugar shock, my mom crafted a legit salad bar with all the toppings.  

Mark consumed all the crunchy onions solo and now he likes my mom more than me.  

He's easy to please.

Super Bowl fiesta.

To me, watching the Super Bowl is parallel in fun as a root canal, so I was in charge of the menu. 

Personal pizzas. Trader Joe's raw pizza dough for the win. Our friend Susan brought a gorgeous salad.  Like whoa.

Its not a party without dessert.  Candy Bar Cookie Bars.  

Have mercy. We loved them so much we had to send them home with everyone and Mark took the rest to work.  The struggle was real. 

Class Pass.  My new best fitness friend and savior from my cross training rut. All the fun. Waking up at 4:30/5a during the week has never been so lucrative.

Salad ala Mason Jar Salad book.

Layering works like magic. 

Forgetful is my middle name prior to coffee and 9a. Thus and so, a list for my am sweat sessions so I don't forget clothes, or my wedding rings. Again.  

I love Sams.

I'm halfway through the jar. #beastmode

First meal stateside post honeymoon.  Pho Ga.  Because, duh.

Influenster Voxbox taste testing*

Nacho Cheeeese.

A coworkers wife brought us cupcakes for Valentines Day.  

Sam's bakery, for the win. Always.

Breakfast when I fail to grocery shop -- croissant sandwich and iced coffee.

Full disclosure, this happened for at least three days. I wish I was busy enough to justify grocery delivery and not just lazy.

King Cake.  

Office tradition to celebrate, with cake of course each year.

Spicy BBQ Sauce. 

Sweet Baby Rays + the holy-eff-hot sauce we got as a wedding shower gift.  

Legit spice.

Fist bump.

Nothing says Valentines Day like seed shopping (for him) and Hot Yoga (for me).

Everybody wins.  He even held my hand during savasana.  Totally keeping him.

That beauty above is an air plant for the master bedroom. Just wait to you see it...we are 80% done with the remodel and I'm 100% over it.

Mark's idea of heaven. 

Valentines Day lunch at Katie's Pizza, replete with fried artichoke salad, pizza and blood orange juice.  That juice is everything.


I carry it around in my purse/lunch box because I refuse to consume coffee without it now.  

Do it.  

Told you.  I wouldn't steer you wrong.

Valentines feast: Swordfish with herb butter (the Mr. was in charge so no recipe, he googled it), roasted asparagus and twice baked potatoes (again, he googled). 

If that meal is wrong, I never want to be right.

Roasted Asparagus -- heat oven to 425, clean and break off ends of asparagus. Place on single layer on baking sheet.  Spray with coconut oil (or whatever you have on hand).  Roast for 8-10 minutes.  Season with favorite spices (a squeeze of lemon and fresh black pepper is always divine).  Devour, 

Dessert: Angel Food cake (I convinced Mark freshness was dependent on us getting a whole cake, not half), with Chantilly Cream and fresh berries. I was showing off adding mint.  Top chef, here I come.

Note: Between the two of use we consumed an entire angel food cake in three days. Sans two modest slices we gave my mom and Jaleesa.

Have I ever shared my Chantilly Cream recipe? Dont' think I have, and will remedy that soon.  Its wicked easy and so versatile. Did I mention there's booze in it? Yep, winning.

Starting the day off right. Hot water with lemon...

Then a breakfast sandwich: coconut flour bread, turkey bacon, fried egg, cheese, hot sauce

Nailed it.  

Burned a few fingers, but all in all, an easy task.

Master bedroom sneak peek. 

The map was my wedding gift to Mark. See that globe? Its perfect.

Curling my hair after class. Disregard the luggage under my eyes.

It only took two weeks of rocking the ever not awesome I just left the gym and am too lazy to give an eff look -- to see myself in the mirror and remedy that mess real quick. 

Dinner + Fifty Shades of Grey.  

The acting was a bit cheesy at times, but I loved it overall. Hopefully they make the other two books into film as well.  

And now I want to re-read the books...

Day of Dance with mom

My current favorite tuna.  Since this photo I've declared no tuna for awhile, that binge lunch choice lasted forever.

Grain Free Banola -- NO.

I tried.

Apple Crumble via Runner's World Cookbook.


Working on my ice cream game. 

Name change. 

Mark is a whole year older. So I baked. 

Brown Sugar Cupcakes with Salted Caramel Frosting to be exact. 

Sweet mother of heaven.

He cooks. Well.

Chicken Curry (rice for him, roasted cauliflower for me)

Roasted Cauliflower -- heat oven to 425.  Cut up head of cauliflower and spread onto sheet pan in a single layer. Drizzle with olive oil and liberally sprinkle with your favorite spices (I loved slap yo mama, salt and fresh pepper), roast for 20 minutes, giving the sheet pan a shake every so often to get all the sides crispy and delicious.

Field Work -- Panera as my office.  Their power oats with quinoa, legit. And yes, I brought my own creamer.

These faces. 

What have YOU been up to as of late?

 * Y29 received an Influenster Vox Box in exchange for review.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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