Jul 23, 2014

One day...

Foreshadowing much in Everyday, Ordinaire

Big news. 



Let me start from the beginning. 

We've been dating (at that point) almost two years.  

We talked about marriage, baby carriages, and retirement.

We lived together for the past year. 

We co-adopted two dogs.

We were happy and in love and he embraces that I'm bat shit OCD.

Moving on.

My gal pal who worked in a jewelry store (before she selfishly left me to move across the pond for three years) had me choose my ring setting (solitare, rose gold) and asked my favorite stone (oval) like, months after Mark and I started dating so I thought NOTHING of it, even when I put it on a "wish list"  from Ladies Night and he saw it when he got my Christmas gift. 

Subtle is my middle name, oh.

Plus my friend always says you gotta "put what you want into the universe."  I put that on blast. Believe. First date Marcia was all "do you want marriage and babies?"  Hey, better to screen early and not get all in love and find out the opposite and my eggs die. Fact.

I digress.

With our trip to France fast approaching more than a few people asked if I thought he'd ask. I shot that business down, there is no need to get my imagination a going then if it doesn't happen like I visualized in my brain movie, be upset and ruin vacation.  

So I put it out my mind.

It worked. 

The week we left, Mark was making a to do list for himself on the dry erase board when I chimed in, "you should write me a love note, put that on the list".  So he did (see below, second line -- he had erased it before I could snap a better photo, gah!)

Again, thought nothing of it. Ran errands. Exchanged currency. Got a mani-pedi. Went for a run. 

We foolishly bought tickets to The Flaming Lips concert two days before we left, so I got ready, ramble-panicking about all the stuff we needed to do -- pack, laundry(!), find the spare key. Copy passports. Minutia.

Come downstairs once I'm all dressed and I see a card with my name on it.  

No big, I asked for a love note. Think to myself, "man he actually listened, two brownie points for him".

 Think nothing of it.

Till he tells me to open said "love note", where I read lovely things he's penned, look up and see a ring box in front of me. 

Cue freak out.

In true "I don't live in reality and over think everything Marcia" fashion I assume I'm being punk'd and make some equally enthralling comment about how mean it is to joke about something so serious. 

Then I (finally) realize he is not joking.  

And I start to hyperventilate inside. 

I have no idea if I actually said yes, I totally blacked out. 

Holy shit, we are keeping each other for-e-ver. 

If I could bottle that giddy-on-top-of-the-world feeling I'd sell it on the corner and make millions. 

The rest of the nights chain of events went, obviously unnoticed. 

We met friends, as planned, for dinner at Fork and Stix pre-concert. 

Insert friend exclaiming (once we got seated), "holy shit is that an engagement ring?!" 

I'm sure whatever I had was delicious.  Then again they could have served me rocks and I'd have no clue.

Cut to concert.

Again, I'm fairly certain I paid zero attention to what was going on besides snapping a few photos. 

At one point Mark and our friends (Meredith, Susan, Jim, and Becky) caught me knee deep in a doe eyed stare at my ring finger, and not the concert. 


Post concert we hit up Pin Up Bowl for a celebratory engagement drink (I was too excited to have anything except stare with a cheesy grin). I remember running from outside to in as I text/called friends (at midnight) to tell them the news. 

Friend answers phone "did I wake you (doesn't wait for answer) -- I'm engaged!"

Smidge excited.

The next day Meredith sent me this photo (above) that she got that day. Seriously, how fitting.

I cried, obviously. 

Then, upon our return from France I happened upon a doorstep surprise from Amie

And I cried, again. 

And if that wasn't enough of fate-mixed-with-reality, my sister emailed me this email (see below) I sent her ages ago while we were gone, her too assuming an engagement was upon us. 

And, I cried -- again. 

All the feelings. 

From: Marcia
To: Jennifer
Subject: One Day...


Why not make my desires "crystal clear" (name that movie) so when my big day comes (one day, I hope, please 8lb 5oz baby Jesus) I will not be the source of undue stress and stress induced wine consumption.  Which leads me to my list. Please save this, we know I have the attention span and memory of a gnat.

- Wedding: I want to elope. Period, dot, Amen. Where I am open, but preferably on a beach, barefoot

-Wedding party: None. Too much stress, drama, opinions. Plus I'd much prefer to have them enjoy the day than spend it in some itchy ass overpriced dress they'll never wear again with a $500 hair and makeup job. For the day.  Besides, I need to shine, its is after all, my day

-Guests: Immediate family is ideal. If some close friends can join, great

-Bridal Shower: As long as there is champagne/wine I could care less. 30 people or less. I'm cool with having it in my hotel room (see "bachelorette party")

-Bachelorette Party: A Good old fashioned slumber party (beginning immediately after the shower). Hotel suite, manis, massages, plenty of bubbly, mongrammed pjs, old movies. Super small group (less than 10 people). I will foot the bill. 

-Reception: I don't "need" one, but I could be persuaded. Immediate family and close friends.  Less than 100 people. At the World's Fair Pavillion in Forest Park.  Big Party, HUGE. Food, booze, music. Cocktail high tables, giant dance floor under the stars

-Engagement Party: I'd LOVE an in home or private wine dinner (by Robust) with about 10 people. 

Holy cow I'm getting married.

(insert happy dance)

-- Random Closing Thoughts -- 

Thank God I got a manicure. You should have seen my hands prior. Nobody would have proposed to those cuticles. No one.

The ring and the engagement was a true surprise. 

No, he did not get down on one knee (first question my mom asked), it was more of a bent-over-lean type deal. 

Yes, we called our families on the way to the concert. 

The hounds approve.

Looks like I got myself a fiance'...

My cup certainly runneth over. And over.

Somebody pinch me. 

But not too hard, engagement photos are coming up and I bruise easily.

--the future Mrs. Piper --
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Jul 21, 2014

Monday Musings

Grab button for mm
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  1. Restaurant menu, deconstructed, I had no idea. Also, it takes me no less than 10 minutes to choose, so who ever said 109 seconds obvioulsy hasn't met moi.
  2. The difference between ice cream and gelato.  Let's be honest, I want all the things. I don't discriminate.
  3. Tips on how to take better iPhone photos.
  4. Holy shit, Go ninja!
  5. S'more hacks, because -- hello.
  6. I'm famous
  7. Because I'm TACKY...
  8. Chipotle secrets -- half and half? Must try that.
  9. Faith, so unmoved, even at its darkest time. Exquisitely written. 
  10. Refrigerator organization -- separate bin for meat? Genius.

What are YOU musing about this Monday?

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Jul 18, 2014

Hospital, the torrential down pour, Hill

Can't leave town without baking first. Can't.

So I whipped up a batch of plantain bread (via Stuft Mama) while the hounds watched on creepily

1 Plantain, speckled

2 Eggs

Cinnamon to taste -- I super dig Trader Joes Cinnamon Sugar Grinder, and usually grind till my arm goes numb.

1/4 TSP Butter Extract

Blend together (I used my Vitamix. Easy Peasy)
Pour in to parchment lined cake pan
Bake at 375 for 30-45 minutes

Assemble into an epic road trip PB + J. Devour whilst driving.

We made 99 stops on our short-long journey to Kansas City, and when we saw Popeyes, it went unsaid what was for lunch. Can I get a biscuit?!

Once we arrived at the host hotel we checked in, and hit the expo for our bibs. Thankfully, the race Gods knew we were utterly unprepared and had a wall of bib numbers, along with post its and pens.  Genius.

Perused the vendors and got serious race envy. And a wish listing I went:

Kansas City Marathon
Ozark Greenway 50 miler (Springfield, MO)
Frisco RR Run 50 mile/50k/Marathon/Half (Springfield, MO)
7 Bridges Marathon (Chattanoga, TN)

What is it about race envy that makes you all "I wanna run a 50k?" Clearly I've lost my marbles. But the seed has been planted.  Goals. Gotta have em'.

After a little down time it was time for race, numero uno -- the 5k.

Gosh I love FREE race photos. Goofy face included. 

The 5k began without a hitch, weather was bearable for June, and it was evening (7p) so the sun wasn't beating down. This was a new to me race, and while it was a 5k, they spared no expense with the amount of hills. Thankfully my ancient iPod worked the entire time, I felt good, and gave it my all.  Which, is not as speedy as pre-injury Marcia, but let's not go down that rabbit hole of despair mmkay?  

I was far too busy making ridiculous faces for the photographers to hear Desiree and Scott screaming for me, then too disoriented once I stopped to remember where we were all meeting. It's hell getting old.

Female / 31

Finish Time
Finish Net31:22
Finish Gun32:21
LocationNet TimeClock TimePace
Finish31:2232:2110:05 /mi
Not a PR by any stretch, but I was happy with my effort considering I had a half marathon the next day and it was my first back-to-back race.

Amie and I finally got to met up with fellow blogger and sista from another mister, Desiree. Homegirl is the real deal. So easy going you feel like you've known one another for ages. She and her husband (he flew in just to see her, gah, so sweet!) invited us for Mexican -- they had us at "Mar-ga-rita". The food was great (white queso for the WIN), company even better, and by the time they dropped us off (yes, we went to dinner rocking our race gear and sweat, we're gansta like that) it was time for bed.

The next morning we rise, like any other race day at the crack of dawn, and notice its raining. No big, its still way early, it'll pass. Or so we thought.

Cut to us begrudgingly trudging downstairs to check out the situation -- by this point its 40 minutes to race time and storming. No bueno.

Long story longer, the race was delayed about 40 minutes or so, and began once the rain cleared much to our delight.  Let's just say the wait was -- brutality. Talk about a nutrition/mnetal jeti mind trick. Yowza.

Nevertheless we said a prayer, came up with post race meeting spot, and got our game faces on. 

Or so I thought. 

It RAINED the entire race. Poured. Not one to waste the half assed training I put forth I chucked this experience up to extreme sports (in my opinion), and made the best of it. 

It was wet. Everything. All of me. Shoes felt like they weighed ten pounds once they got water logged, thank God for my Pro Compression low socks and Band Aid friction block or my feet would have been toast. 

My effort was a solid 8. Careful on downhills not to wipe out, walking though aid stations, save for the mid hill one (seriously, who put that there?!), gels I don't remember at all. I do remember wondering why I packed two packs of Cliff shot bloks in my spi belt, tossing one about two miles in cuz the weight, on top of the rain weight, was chipping away at my soul.

Met some incredible people along the way. A woman on the UMKC hill who talked to me as we ascended. The kind, super encouraging woman through the residential area when I literally let the rain get me mentally.

For the little girl (see photo below) who, on the last (and worst hill) pep talked me to, up, and over it. And for the two female friends who coached me to sprint the final quarter mile. I literally fought back tears (as I am know thinking about it) because God sure knew I was struggling through and sent help. He is SO good.

I crossed the finish line with joy in my heart, and a smile on my face. 

That, is a win in my books.

Again, there was no PR, and I must admit it was a bit discouraging to get my time, but considering the training I put in (not alot of speed/tempo/hills), it is a lesson to get in more speed work #storyofmylife.

Hospital Hill Run - HALF MARATHON
Female / 31
Placed in Female 30-34

Net Time
Clock Time
Pace Between
6 MILe
10:55 /mi
11:08 /mi
10:59 /mi
12:46 /mi
11:27 /mi
9:00 /mi
11:25 /mi
10:02 /mi
11:20 /mi

After we found one another we trekked inside for a group photo with all or medals, then Amie and I headed off to have some lunch and, of course, shop. Duh.

Hit our favorite, Seasons 52 (like last year) for tortilla soup (to die for delicious!) and wine, then perused the plaza because miraculously the torrential downpour was gone and the day was clear and sun a shining. Figures.  On our way back to the hotel to relax I begged her to stop for Gelato, because hello, it is a necessity. 

Later that evening we met up with Desiree for dinner at Brio. Insert shenanigans. That's all I have to say about that without incriminating myself. Just know we had a blast. 

Moving on. Have you ever had their cheesecake?? 

BRIO's Famous Cheesecake

Rich and creamy cheesecake topped with caramelized sugar and creme anglaise

Well my name is Marcia and I live under a rock, thus never had tried this DIVINE confection. The bruleed crust on the outside may have me me pee a little. That good. 

Dear Desiree, I blame you for my new-found addiction. 

Then, per usual, I spent the next two days in compression pants like I was rocking the finest of fashions. Without a care in the world. 

-- the end --

Or not. As my first back-to-back race I thoroughly enjoyed double running, my rest was good, and though the turn around is fairly quick (5k is 7p, 13.1 is 7a), it was -- FUN.  At some point I'll stop playing childish games and actually train HARD and beat some previous PR's, but for now, I'm perfectly happy with my ordinary. And that's all that matter ya know?

And -- if you want to see all the dirty race deets, check them out: 5kHalf Marathon.   Additional totally embarrassing and borderline inappropriate race photos: 5k + 13.1.  go ahead, you can laugh, I look like a wet porn star having a grand mal. 

Ford models, I'm ever awaiting your call.

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