Everyday, Ordinaire

As the weather turns brisk and the seasons change, looking back on this past summer has been a great reminder of just how much we enjoyed the sun, no matter how "hot" it seemed at the time.

Nothing like attempting to make stuffed crust pizza and learning your pizza stone no longer works. At all. 

A rare photo when she is not moving at the speed of light.

I say it constantly, but there is nothing like spending time with a friend who shares your obsession with food. And wine.

Grapeseed is the epitome of farm to table, with a casual vibe. Plus everything I've ordered there is fantastic. 

Who wants to come to STL so we can eat our way through the city? 

Favorite creamer, to date.

That one time, I was home alone...

Leave it to me to shrink our glasses from the Chardonnay 5k.

The tiniest top knot, ever.

It's not a road trip if you don't stop for Starbucks first.

Happy Fourth of July!

Onion and garlic from the garden.

Shrimp Ramen. 

How have I never made this at home before? Wicked easy. Finding ramen noodles literally made me squeal with glee in the grocery store.

She's back!

The massive box is a gift -- a wedding photo she transferred onto wood. Its downright incredible.

First stop, Doughnuts, doughnut holes and homemade pop tarts. Vincent Van Dough knows how to spoil your taste buds.

I have a debilitating habit of eating others leftovers. Since birth. Despite labeling. I can't help it, other peoples leftovers taste better. On of my "finer" personality traits, if you ask my family, haha. 

Manicures and cones.

Spoils from shopping. I got all this (gray Jcrew tee, old navy maxi dress, jean jacket, black dress, colored romper) AND two shirts (one lululemon) for Mark, for less than $30. Holla!

Closet purging and selling. Tradesy is pretty neat.

Thanks for the shirt and apple Jennifer :)

Testing freeze dried dog food. The hounds loved it, and this gets me one step closer to convincing Mark we should make their dog food.

Vegan feast from food truck friday; sweet potato burger and nachos. The heat and rain was too much so we brought it home.

Breakfast with Amie.

I had just taken a pregnancy test before meeting her and was a excited/nervous mess. How I didn't spill the beans I'll never know!

The Life Changing Magic Of Tidying Up

Organization is my love language.

The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up was an easy read, and though some points were lost on me (emptying your purse every night?!), there were some great takeaways that we have already utilized in our Kitchen, and currently the basement. 

My goal is to declutter the entire house before the baby comes -- because with two adults, two dogs, and a baby, there is no need/room for excess. Remind me of this naive comment in six months, because it appears babies need all the things.

  • Tidying; in the right order.
  • Discard and decide where to keep. Keep only things that bring you joy (this brought about conflict for us because the moscow mule mug he loves and never uses, brings me no joy and takes up cabinet space)
  • Daily tidy: using something and putting it away
  • Special Event: dramatic clean up
  • Reduce until you reach a point that is right for you
  • A place for everything
  • Sort by category, not location: gather everything in one spot to begin: clothes (eliminate need to store off season clothes), books, paper (store in one place), cds/dvds/ hobby, valuables, mementos

Have you read it?  If so, what did you think?

Do you organize your closet by season? I never have, plus I like to see all my clothes hanging pretty in the closet.


I've loved carbonara ever since my first bite when I was studying abroad in Europe. Since then I frequently order, but never deigned to tackle such a feat in my own kitchen. 

Until now.

Trader Joe's had these fresh pasta noodles so I knew it was fate.

Spaghetti Carbonara via Sweet Paul

From the bacon (so much bacon!) to the silky smooth texture of the trifecta that is egg, heavy cream and parmesan cheese it was heaven at first bite and I'm proud (not ashamed) to say we polished off the entire pan in one sitting. Like winners.

Save for crisping the bacon and shredding the cheese (did you know there are extra preservatives on pre-shredded cheese?!) this dish can be easily made on a weeknight.

Go ahead and shred a little extra for garnish, I won't tell. 

Bon Appetit!

Monday Musings

Grab button for mm

  1. It could be my inability to follow directions, but I love where recipes are headed nowadays.
  2. Sisters are the best.
  3. Rent the Runway, you slay me.
  4. Google has the coolest offices...
  5. Must make this, ASAP.
  6. Adulthood is hard.
  7. On Keeping you hands to yourself
  8. Watching Hocus Pocus as an adult is amazing and awkward. Let's watch it again.
  9. How to transform your productivity. This came at the perfect time.
  10. Missy is BACK! Let's dance...

Photo Diary: Chardonnay 5k

5k +  Chardonnay? I'm in. Was that even a question?

Race number = (her) birthday.

Where wine pours were on point. 

The race wasn't timed (boo), but I still beat Mark. Cue cheesy grin.

Happy Birthday Angie!

Everyday, Ordinaire

In case you missed it -- June. part one.

Where were we? Oh yes.

Business meeting in Chicago where flights are one billion dollars? Rent a cool car and drive. Dear Chrysler 200, making the gear a knob exactly like the radio knob was not a good idea.

Obligatory Freddie's stop.

My pal Angie lives in the suburbs, so I stayed at her place. Slumber party!

Went to dinner where we caught up over wine and this Grilled Artichoke? Dead.

Then, she force fed my Cheryl's Cookies

As pay back, I convinced her to workout with me before I headed into the city. 

Remember my recent obsession with Shack Shack? I found one and headed straight there after my meetings before heading home.

We won't mention the $11 I paid for parking. 

It was worth it.

Once home there was a quick turn around to unpack, repack and head back to Chicago for Angie's birthday. 

But first, my baby sister and I baked her birthday cake, I couldn't show up empty handed.

Stopped for retro snacks. Mark had never had a moon pie so we remedied that with the quickness.

This was a family favorite growing up. Totally should have bought the box...

Dinner and wine (so much wine) to celebrate the birthday gal.

Morning stroll along the riverwalk.

Feed me.

Off to the races!

Mark and I talked mad smack while training for this 5k. 

Spoiler alert: I won. #likeaboss

Have you ever heard of a cannoli cake?! It's as insanely good as it sounds.

The cutest daily inspiration from my favorite Shred415 teacher, Ann. She always gives out treats after class, she's the tops.

Taste testing should be my profession...

Soy egg, FAIL.

Rubin, despite her pitiful face, is not being tortured. She just really dislikes baths. 
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