Everyday, Ordinaire: Week 23

Jun 25, 2016

Obsessed with our new picnic blanket

Television buddies

Tacos and baby toes

Owen: Month, Two

Jun 24, 2016

Newborn clothes are a thing of the past. Bring on the baby rolls!

Biggest Milestone: You've found your hands!

Hardest Challenge: (for me) Returning to work

Most Memorable: The poop explosion in the drivers seat of my car, replete with you peeing in your eyes. Yep.

Favorite Photo:

Longest Stretch of Sleep: 6 hours. Can the church say AMEN?

-- Journal --

12 You looked me dead in the eye, and pooped.

22 Car seat poo explosion in the grocery store parking lot 

30 You have an inane ability to barf down mama's shirt

Stroller rides are the bees knees

You are starting to "talk" up a storm

31 Teeny bit of cradle cap has appeared

10 Standing is your favorite 

Summer To-Do List

Jun 23, 2016

This summer will be one of firsts for our little family and I am most looking forward to taking Owen to some of our favorite places around the city, most notably his first Cards/Cubs game where he'll represent both teams (with his ensemble) because, house divided. 

Here's to eating ice cream and enoying cool evenings outside.
  1. Drive In Movie
  2. Dinner alfresco at Food Truck Friday
  3. Have brunch at Cafe Madeleine
  4. See a Cards v. Cubs game
  5. Take Owen and the hounds to the Tower Grove Park pop up jets
  6. Picnic at the Whittaker Music Festival 
  7. Host a summer get together
  8. Early morning Botanical Gardens walk
  9. Spend the day at Fugitive Beach
  10. Make Home made ice cream
  11. Go to the Farmers Market
  12. Make a treat from (and watch!) the season two premiere of The Great British Baking Show
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