Sep 15, 2014

Djv5k: The Results

Way back when (two months ago), I signed up for a virtual 5k, laid the gauntlet and got all serious like.

Rose at stupid o'clock to log miles.

It's not real unless you have a sweaty selfie to prove it. 

Behind the curtain time -- my leg shots are because, hello, I'm either in a garish mismatch of dirty laundry, and/or have yet to do anything with my hair.  

You don't have to thank me, I know how frightening I look in the morning, and I quite enjoy having friends.  

You're welcome.

Best believe I have no regrets with my trusty schedule of rising, throwing on clothes in the dark, and hopping on my treadmill.  Not to be rivaled by coming home, throwing on clothes and hopping on the treadmill.  If I'm not in public 9 times out of 10 I resemble a homeless person.

Gotta get moving before my brain figures out I'm running while its still bedtime.

Whatever works, right?

August was a I'm-on-top-of-the-world month -- I went to Ireland (running along Irish hiking trails is the best way to snap an ankle, fyi, holy soft grass batman), and logged, wait for it... 

124.03 miles.  

I shocked myself and did the math, twice. 

Ireland recap soon, promise.  Although I've yet to finish France, and that was in June. Baby steps Marcia...

Virtual 5k morning it was a bit of a cluster of events.  Mark is sick, so -- he's dyyying. Insert endless requests (three) and frequent check-and-make-sure-he's-breathing trips.  Then there were the hounds, who couldn't fathom why their perpetual play toy was resigned to the couch with a blanket over his head.  So they did what they do best, and pestered him/caused a ruckus.  

Whilst letting them play the rousing game of inside/outside/inside the house, I made him sustenance, jammed a half pb+j down my throat, told him to "hang on from deaths (a cold) grasp", and I'd be back in twenty.

Ran upstairs, hopped on the treadmill. My goal -- to beat my current PR of 28:58. First split was a tad slow for goal pace at 9:30ish, so I upped the pace after each mile, which lead me to...


Captain of all obvious, my goal wasn't met. buuuut, I had a blast training for and running a virtual 5k.

Look ma, I did it!

See also, my hair -- that had not be touched. Ford models, I'm waiting...

Because I'm the party of all partiers, I logged the rest of my long run (20 miles), caught up on my shows, and met my mileage (41 miles) for the week.  

Happy dance.

After all the progress, it was time to celebrate.

With a trip to (new-to-me) Costco (which is the same as Sam's in my opinion) and mountains of tacos.  

I was in bed, passed out before 9pm.

P-A-R-T-Y animal.  

I'm a wild one.

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Monday Musings

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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE, this song AND the video. Repeat. And repeat again.
  2. No attention span for award shows, buuuuut I will pour over the highlights like a feen. Jessie J/Arianna Grande/Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift, Iggy Azalea/Rita Ora
  3. Fall primetime line up includes -- State of Affairs, must watch. 
  4. Weekend cheat meal indulger? Read this.
  5. Truths about reality and imperfection. I super duper love this.
  6. Royal baby numero dos, YES!
  7. Smore's -- though let's be honest, the original is best.
  8. Happy families -- demystified. Family mission statement is intriguing...
  9. Best songs of summer on Youtube -- "Let it Go" excluded, obviously
  10. Natural beverage options.  YES.

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Sep 12, 2014

Photo Diary: The act of binge eating sweets, also known as (wedding) cake tasting

Sweets are my first love after Jesus. 


So when yours truly realized there was a wedding cake confection made to my our exact specifications, I hyperventilated a little. 

Ok, a lot.

Compiling a list of my favorites and adding in a new-to-me spot was easier than the ACT.

I really want to become a professional cake tester now. 

Suuuuper close to our house (please don't come over and murder us now that I've said that), this option had an all important element -- proximity.

 They don't offer cake tastings (the horror, no really), so I grabbed a few cupcakes in varying flavors/icings and went to tasting. 

Each cake was make with love and butter. There is no disputing. 

We, however did (dispute). No compromise. 

So, we pressed onward.

I've had a loooong love affair with them way back when they had a food truck that parked outside my work and I was known for buying four, at a time, for myself.

Have you had their butter cream? 

It will change your life. 

Deciding on the perfect cake/icing combo was tough. Like final exam tough.

We persevered. 

Chocolate with Dark Chocolate Mousse was -- indulgent.

Mark wasn't sold. I was. 

On we marched.

Almond with Lemon Curd was reminiscent of a traditional wedding cake. Like eating clouds of love and happiness.

Vanilla Bean and Browned Butter Butter Cream was like an explosion of flavors in your mouth. I'm obsessed with browned butter because of this cake. Browned butter on everything is my new motto.

The winner -- Caramel Cake with Chocolate Ganache

Perfectly orchestrated layers of Caramel cake, separated by a layer of ganache, and a slightly thinker layer of butter cream. 

Cake sketch
 "P" will be dusted with pearl, and the icing -- butter cream. As if there were another choice in my heart (there isn't and that was my one absolute have-to-have -- all butter cream, allll the time). The bottom design is in paisley, expertly chosen by my betrothed (without my help I might add).

It's perfect. 

And our experience with Michael from Sarah's was -- beyond any cake tasting dreams I could have ever imagined. Professional, prompt, efficient. And she made us coffee with our cake. It really is the little things that go a long way. 

I wonder if Mark will notice if I add cake truffles to the order...

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Sep 11, 2014

Photo Diary: Warrior Dash

Please excuse moi whilst I feast on humble pie throughout this post. 

Vowed I'd NEVER do an obstacle race.


 Then I did.

And dragged Amie, Angie, Mark and my mom (our official photog) along.

Cuz I'm kind like that. 

They were not the happiest with me once we got going.  

I felt it.

We arrived about 45 before our 11:45 start (tip: lines to park, get packets, and ID check are LONG), and hopped into a wave about noon. 

"Cargo Climb" 

Not all the courses were visible to the spectator area where my mom was, but she got some fun shots nonetheless.

Feast your pupils.


The first two miles were running (through the woods), with the occasional obstacle here and there.

Once we passed two miles we hit the obstacles, HARD. The mud mounds were the worst. 

Think clay mud -- everywhere.

Sticky, sticky business.

My favorite obstacle -- Road rage.

Of course.

When else can you traverse across the top of cars and not get arrested?

Angie jumping over fire like its no big deal all Olympic/gazelle like.

The rest of us jumping -- in FEAR. 

Hi mom!

See the water dripping? 

That's MUD. 


This slide was right before the finish, so the gals and I slid side-by-side-by-side.

We fancy like that.

Somewhere between the top and bottom, I totally busted my arm

Yes, it hurts as awful as it looks. 

Trying to get out of the slide landing.

Oil slick-slick.

Crawling is the way to go.

Baby steps.



We had to wade in the mud, under those flags.

That was actually pretty relaxing. 

If "relaxing" can even be a word associated with this race.

Warriors fall down.

Told you -- slippery business.

Made our way through the finisher chute.

On foot.

Thank God.

Reunited with Mark, we had a bet going.  

It was all team work till the last few obstacles, then it was all business.

He won. 

I want a rematch.

Ok, maybe not, but in theory I'd do it again just to rub a win in his face.

Failed attempt at a jumping shot. 

Thanks mom.

More race photos -- here
There is nothing better than FREE race photos (bib: 74252). 

It's like Christmas.

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