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Oct 21, 2016

Mexican Today/ Pati's Mexican Table: Stumbling across Pati's show on PBS and was HOOKED. We've tried countless recipes thus far and all are fantastic and accessible (i.e. no need to hunt for obscure ingredients as she gives alternatives)

Me Before You: Hopless romantic that I am, this book was fantastic. I laughed. I cried. Has anyone seen the movie?

Live Fast Die Hot: the latest installment by Jenny Mollen. Raunchy and hilarious per usual.

Three Wishes: another winner by Liane Moriarty. Exploring the dynamic between multiples is fascinating to me.

In book-to-film news, I recently saw  Girl on the Train and enjoyed it almost as much as the book. Emily Blunt played Rachel so well, though the film was a bit -- dark compared to the book. Have you seen it? Thoughts?

Hello, Autumn

Oct 19, 2016

As the sweltering heat (and humidity) of summer finally dissipates, I'm looking forward to crisp drives with the windows down, cozy sweaters, sleeping with the windows open and plenty of warm beverages. And while I decided not to craft a structured list for Autumn, should we find ourselves at the pumpkin patch, debut our first family Halloween costume, make chilli, s'mores, and soup on repeat, run our first mother-son turkey trot, and take Owen to the Zoo for the first time, I won't be upset, at all.

Speaking of the Summer, below are highlights from ours, which included (but not pictured) a belated Summer brunch with my mom and grandma at Cafe Madeline and a Fourth of July BBQ at our home.

The movies were just ok (Central Intelligence + Independence Day: Resurgence), but Owen was a champ, the weather was pleasant and we had a massive snack haul.

Pro tip: new parents, take your baby anywhere and everywhere those first few months before they get mobile and require more corralling. Because once they become more active, sitting in one spot for hours on end enjoying a meal (we sometimes eat in shifts while the other baby wrangles) or watching a movie (sans pause button) are fewer. 

A walkable summer event which serves as an easy way to gather with friends and not cook dinner in the throes of Summer. We got in two or three which is noteworthy considering the heat/humidity we had.

We are lucky to have the park within walking distance (important when bedtime/meltdowns roll around), so we got to enjoy a few picnics with friends outside drinking wine and listening to music before it got too hot and the mosquitoes ate me (anyone else feel like mosquito bait?!) alive. 

Cards v. Cubs

We actually saw two games and Mark was positively giddy because the Cubs are playing great ball this season. Or so I'm told. I go for the people watching. And snacks. And to root for the opposite team Mark is. 

Tower Grove Park pop up jets 

Admittedly, Owen was too young and the dogs couldn't figure out why the "water fountain" was moving. Better luck next year. 

Two hour drive from the city, but a fun way to spend the day with friends and get some sun. Or shade, if you were Owen ;)

Hosting our own little "viewing party" for the premiere was a cute way to spice up an evening at home with a newborn. I fully intend to do this again for Gilmore Girls this Fall, replete with pajama pants, and wine.

What are you up to this Fall? We've got a few long weekends planned to see family and hopefully can squeeze in as many morning weekend strolls as possible.

Favorite (new) TV shows of late? I'm giving American Housewife, Secrets and Lies, Bull a try in addition to my staples (DWTS, Criminal Minds, Madam Secretary)

Monday Musings

Oct 17, 2016

Grab button for mm
  1. Could someone pass me a baguette, knife, and salt
  2. Life lessons. Spoiler: food and travel are everything.
  3. There aren't a lot of winter staples in my closet because I vehemently protest it, but this sweater just may sway my below zero temp loathing heart.
  4. Sorry, not sorry.
  5. Netflix will be my demise if they keep cranking out thumbs up shows. This one, though not my normal cup of tea, looks especially good.
  6. Her writing speaks to me.
  7. Um, yessssss. I thought my insomnia was bad. Until I had  baby. Add lack of sleep to a newborn that doesn't give a damn, rinse, repeat.
  8. A new study that reveals (shocker) being a mom is hard.
  9. My purse is utterly multi purpose, i.e. a dumping ground for all the things.
  10. Where you lead... Is anyone else counting the days until the reboot, crafting epic t-shirts and snack to don whilst binge watching? (raises hand enthusiastically)
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