Monday Musings

Dec 5, 2016

Grab button for mm

  1. Wedding dresses, by year.
  2. Salivating over this layered doormat.
  3. ATM + Krispy Kreme = genius
  4. Shadow play.
  5. Taking an immersive cooking class while on vacation would be amazing.
  6. One of my favorite authors has a new book coming out!
  7. Family dinner had a huge imprint on my upbringing, and while we often opt for the couch/coffee table as of late, the act of dining as a family is most important, not the location, table settings or cuisine.
  8. I may need to get this candle and rewatch...
  9. The unlikely duo: Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party.
  10. Now I want to upgrade my go pro...

also, this: Laurie won!! Have you seen the Gilmore Girl revival? I have so many questions, holy freaking cliffhanger Netflix. Living in these pants (thanks Christine!).

Owen: month eight

Dec 2, 2016

Each month I marvel at how much you grow (so fast! so big!) -- broken record cliches' guilty as perpetually charged. 

You are officially on the move crawling {video} (usually towards light sockets or our shoes), babble incessantly, are getting the hang of drinking water out of a sippy cup, but much prefer to drink out of a real glass which is the cutest thing to watch, in my opinion. You weathered your first election day like a champ, content in lines at the poll for well over an hour with nary a toy, or snacks #momfail. 

To the kind gentleman in front of me who mopped up your vomit -- there is a special place in heaven for you.

Biggest Milestone: clapping your hands, waving, and banging the tambourine in music class (instead of eating it)

Hardest Challenge: you prefer to stand/crawl towards things you shouldn't have and become quite frustrated when your demand is not met. Quite frustrated. Yowza.

Most Memorable Moment: how you smoosh your face into the pack n' play walls (trying to kiss/taunt) the dogs.

Food: once you realized what was going on at meal time, you eat what we eat (for the most part -- no chinese/sushi) and straight refuse teether wafers/puffs (lasted maybe a month with those). We do a combo of BLW and purees*, depending on your mood, which is fine by me because holy mess BLW (see below photo).

Current favorites include (but not limited to): greek yogurt, potatoes (in any form, especially sweet potatoes), banana (mashed with cinnamon), bits of cheese, chicken, beef, soft scrambled egg, apples (any form) and of course, ice cream.

*As expected I love(!) making your baby food. Squeeze pouches are a breeze to store/use and along with this cookbook has proved their worth over and over again thus far. Should we be out for an extended period/travelling, I gravitate towards Happy Baby pouches (you don't refrigerate until opened so you don't have to bring a cooler) and creamies (you have Cheerios at daycare). 

Sleep: duration unchanged (7:30/8p - 6:30-7p). But it's official, we co-sleep. At some point we will make a concerted effort to transition you back into your bed (is bed regression a thing?!), but for now we are all soaking up the extra snuggles.

Naps: two, 30-45 minutes naps at daycare, one short (but NEEDED) catnap on the way home, and usually two or three 45-60 min. naps on weekends. 

Favorite Photo: 

covered in baked potato

looking back: {month} one/two/three/four/five/six/seven

Newlyweds: Two Years

Nov 29, 2016

“It’s all about our egos. She felt she was on the edge of understanding something important. They could fall in love with fresh, new people, or they could have the courage and humility to tear off some essential layer of themselves and reveal to each other a whole new level of otherness, a level far beyond what sort of music they liked. It seemed to her everyone had too much self-protective pride to truly strip down to their souls in front of their long-term partners. It was easier to pretend there was nothing more to know, to fall into an easygoing companionship. It was almost embarrassing to be truly intimate with your spouse; how could you watch someone floss one minute, and the next minute share your deepest passion or most ridiculous, trite little fears? It was almost easier to talk about that sort of thing before you’d shared a bathroom and a bank account and argued over the packing of the dishwasher.”   ― Liane MoriartyThe Husband's Secret

Two years. Two dogs. One baby. Four countries

I choose you. Everyday. And always.

Happy Anniversary my love.

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